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These disco neon leather dog collars will be sure to brighten up evening and early morning walkies. Creature Clothes dog collars are hand made to order using gorgeous hand crafted leather. We work the underside of the collar to ensure there are no hard edges against your dogs neck, just a fabulous funky collar. All of our leather dogs collars are treated with Neatsfoot Oil to protect your collar against water.

And why not get the matching Neon Pink Disco Dog Lead to make your dog stand out from the crowd!


Size 1 - Neck 23-30cm / 9"-10.5", Width 20mm

Size 2 - Neck 25-35cm / 11"-13", Width 20mm

Size 3 - Neck 31-42cm / 12"-15", Width 23mm

Size 4 - Neck 40-51cm / 15"-18", Width 25mm

Size 5 - Neck 46-56cm / 18"-21", Width 30mm

Please aim for the collar to fit at the mid point of the measurements, not at one extreme of the other. You never want your collar to be on the very last hole.

How to measure for a dogs collar

Our dog collars are measured by neck size, NOT by overall collar length, so please measure your dogs neck, ideally with a fabric tape measure, as you would like the collar to fit. Or measure your dogs old collar (if you were happy with its fit) from the buckle to the hole that your dog wears their collar on. Please also remember that you should be able to comfortably fit two fingers inside the collar when it is on.

Leather Collar Care

If you treat your leather collars well they will thank you by growing more beautiful with age. To clean the leather, rinse the collar in warm water to get any major dirt off, then treat them with Neats Foot Oil for waterproofing or saddle soap. This will keep the leather moist and supple.

Different leathers are best for different purposes: black, tan and chocolate are great collars for rugged use. The coloured leathers will also age beautifully but the colour in the leather may darken with a lot of swimming and wear - for example the red and green may darken with wear.

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Creature Clothes Disco Dog Collar (Neon Pink)

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